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Fresh (The Ain't Shxt Show Host)

Reppin: Washington, DC – Uptown Baby

Background: ​Born and raised in Northwest DC. The oldest of 4. I played sports and maintained a 4.0 throughout high school, while participating IN advanced placement programs.  I moved to Raleigh – Durham, north Carolina where I attended college and graduate school and met my cohost B. Hill.  Now I’m attempting to conquer the city of Atlanta (aka Wakanda)

Why Podcasting:  I love the art and science of communication and for whatever reason, people enjoy my take on things. I was drawn to podcasting

Unpopular Opinion:  Sneakers should always be Within the dress code.

Booze Of Choice:  Jack Daniels with a splash of coke!

Down Time: I work hard and I play hard. I like spending time with friends and family. Joking and roasting. I enjoy listening to music, podcasts, audio books, playing spades,TRAVELING and watching scripted and reality TV.

Favorite Vice: Dope Sneakers, Fire jackets, game NIGHTS, & Cute faces with dimples.

Favorite Pop Culture Figure: Jay-Z! He came from the NOTHING, ONLY TO BECOME everything I admire. He is the dopest rapper, a mogul, a philanthropist, and an activist. The cherry on top is that he does it all with ease and chill. Hov is goals!


Favorite Quote: “Nobody Built Like You, You Design Ya Self” – Shawn Carter

Social Media

Instagram  @IamDCFresh

Twitter @DCFresh

"Mediocrity is not an option."


The Ain't Shxt Show

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