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B. Hill


"I’ll be great by any means. I want to raise kids that are greater than me, so I got some work to do!".  

-B. Hill

Reppin: Raleigh, North Carolina-BO BO

Background: Born in Baton Rouge, LA. Raised and bred in Raleigh, NC. Had a good life. Made some bad decisions, but who hasn’t? Overall, just a real dude that loves God, Family(blood and otherwise), and having a great time.

Why Podcasting: I’m just silly and opinionated, so this allows me to express my crazy. I enjoy making people laugh, and enlightening them and being enlightened. Shxt is dope, and fun!

Unpopular Opinion: Last Train to Paris By Dirty Money is one of the greatest albums ever

Booze Of Choice: Kettle Uno or an occasional fine beer

down Time: Enjoy my family, travel, watch sports, and other dope shxt!

Favorite Vice: Pot, sneakers, and other dope shxt!

Favorite Pop Culture Figure: Lebron. He’s my favorite ball player, and he seem like a ill nxgga.


Favorite Quote: “On the road to riches-real nXggas do real things!” -Christopher Wallace

Social Media

Instragram  @Bhill_919

Twitter @Bhillyaheardme

The Ain't Shxt Show

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